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Assignment No. ! Empty Assignment No. !

Post by WangRY on 2009-10-28, 21:12

Business - VANESSA Mr. Goldberg
Ms. Hinkson
Ms. St. Hilaire
Ms. Rosenberg (we already have her photo, you have a choice of take or no take)

Co-op - MARA
Ms. Cook
Ms. Hamimlton

English - LILY
Ms. Chung
Ms. DeLang
Mr. Finucan
Ms. Huggins
Ms. Karn
Mr. Kay
Ms. Roberts
Mr. Sommerfelt
Ms. Smart
Ms. Zajaczkowski

Mr. Borowiec
Ms. Karn

Family Studies - DAN
Ms. Szlapetis
Ms. Cook

Geography - LILY
Mr. Bailey
Ms. Boggs
Mr. Cronkite
Mr. Hartill (Dieter is a male name right?)
Mr. Mulford
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Vujacic

Guidance - DAN
Ms. Chung
Mr. Cronkite
Mr. Hartill
Ms. Tyers

History - XEREZ
Ms. Arban
Ms. Goodwillie
Ms. Lau
Mr. Maxwell
Mr. Pool
Mr. Rakosy
Ms. Rosenberg
Mr. Wodchis

Mathematics - DAN
Ms. Chao
Mr. Davies
Ms. DiClemente
Ms. Ho
Ms. Kariko
Ms. Kovacevic
Ms. Lai (find her in special ed)
Mr. Lee
Ms. Maligec
Mr. Saylor
Ms. Stratton

Moderns - ESTHER
Ms. Chiummiento
Mr. Kvache
Ms. Maligec
Ms. Sohn

Performing Arts - DINUSHI
Mr. Davies
Mr. Farrow
Mr. Stoica (I love the photo you toke)
Mr. Sywanyk

Phys. Ed Girls - ELENA
Ms. Cervoinka
Ms. Ho
Ms. Vranesic

Phys. Ed Boys - DAN
Mr. Mulford
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Vujacic
Mr. Youssef

Resource Centre / Library - ANNIE
Mr. Parker
Ms. Parsonson

Science - Yumna
Mr. Hall
Ms. Marjoram
Mr. Milne
Mr. Nanda
Ms. Nocholson
Mr. Ovas
Mr. Pattara
Ms. Rymal
Mr. Simpson
Ms. Woodcock-Ashford (call her by Ashford)
Ms. Youssef
Mr. Youssef (please note that they are not related)

Special Ed - SAMANTHA
Mr. Boyes
Mr. Bukhari
Mr. Greenspan
Ms. Hollingworth (Joy is a her?)
Ms. Lai

Technology - DORIS
Mr. Axiak
Ms. Cheung
Mr. Foote
Mr. Gunby
Mr. Mills

Visual Arts - MADIHA
Ms. Erdman
Ms Lebovitz
Ms. Yarmol

Pumpkin carving event - MARA, VANESSA

Haunted House - XEREZ, DAN

Halloween Dance - LILY

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