Begining of URSUS forum - must read

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Begining of URSUS forum - must read Empty Begining of URSUS forum - must read

Post by Admin on 2009-05-31, 20:40

This forum opened at 2009-05-31 for the purpose of Organzing Ursus and such
just keep a few things in mind:

- It would be realy nice to register with your name, or some sort of way that we know who you are...
- All spams will be deleted
- All that against the forum regulations (hope you read it), and the law will be deleted, and you'll account may be banned

That's all for now, keep in mind that as this site just started, everyone (even the ones who didn't register) have the ability to post and comment, but if things do go wrong...... registered posting will be applied.


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